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Hello and welcome to

We are a dedicated group of Xperts, who diligently strive to work hard so that you continue to acquire the benefits of purchasing goods from the U.S. marketplace.

Part of our commitment to provide you with outstanding service; we want you to take full advantage of our TAX FREE ADDRESS, which means more savings for you.

How It's Works

  • You buy your goods and send it to our TAX FREE ADDRESS.
  • Once we receive your goods, we CONSOLIDATE all your items for you and we ship it to you…it’s that simple.
  • Our friendly customer service support group has all the experience and knowledge from package consolidation to international shipping.
  • We value your business and we look forward to building long lasting partnerships as we continue to advance our expertise in order provide you with outstanding service.


What We Offer


We provide you with US addresses where your mail and packages will be received.


ShipperXperts will provide a photo and attach it to your account for each item you receive.


App Notifications will alert you when updates are made to your account (soon)


We remove all unnecessary packaging and combine all your items in one delivery to lower your shipping cost.


With ShipperXperts account you can store each package free up to 90 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions


    Here at we utilize most international couriers such as (but not limited to) DHL and FedEx.

  • You will receive an email with your American address after completing your registration.

  • FULL NAME: your full name
    STREET ADDRESS: 166 Valerie Lane (your customer number)
    CITY: Bear
    ZIP CODE: 19701
    COUNTRY: United States
    PHONE: 1-302-897-9452
    (Your customer number will be given to you after you register for your account. You must enter it next to our address for every order in order to avoid any delays.)

  • Yes. We at are able to store your shipments for a flexible 90 days from the day we receive it. This allows you the convenience to wait for other items to arrive before you choose to consolidate the items in your account.

  • We will send you an email confirming we have received your goods. At this point, you are to log into your account, click consolidate and select your shipping method. After you have made your payment, your package(s) will be sent for delivery the following business day. All payments made by 4p will ensure delivery of your package(s) for the following business day. Business days include Monday-Friday excluding U.S. public holidays.

  • Our BIG BOX can be filled up to 55 lbs. Once you have selected CONSOLIDATE, your rate will appear.

    • DHL Express and FedEx Express are available to deliver to most countries.
    • Fast shipping: this is our fastest shipping option, which will be delivered in your designated country within 3-5 business days.

    All deliver times are subject to be longer than expected due to Customs Clearance.

  • Here at we use the international courier standard of weighing your package(s). This is the volumetric weight, which means this is the amount of space that the package(s) occupies rather than the weight itself. Also known as the item density of the package(s). After we weigh your package(s) on our accurate scale, we measure that weight against the international standard volumetric formula (Length x Weight x Height)/ 139”. Your cost will be the higher amount.

  • We will contact you through WhatsApp and/or email, informing you of any prohibited items received. At this point, your options are as followed:

    • Request to discard these items.
    • Request to return these items to the sender for a service charge of $15 (in addition to the shipping charges.)

  • Yes. We at provide returned a shipment service for a processing fee of $4.50 plus shipping charges.

  • Both clearance charges and custom duties are not included in the shipping charges. We will charge you as we clear your items from the local customs. Only your local customs authority calculates these charges.

  • Unfortunately no. Only the package(s) addressed to you with your full account number will be delivered to you.

    NOTE* If you do not supply your account number, your package(s) may be delayed if another customer shares the same name as you.

  • In order to comply with U.S. export regulations, all packages must be opened and reviewed. Our highly qualified employees will carefully ensure and review that your purchased goods are not damaged during shipping.

    Unless an invoice is included, we will request you to specify the price once we show the package(s) on your account. The real price is what we expect you to provide. Any items without the specified listed value will not be shipped.

  • Yes. You can receive both personal and business mail (including magazines).

  • We will store your items for free for up to 90 days. This allows you a flexible timeframe to have your other items arrive before consolidation. After 90 days a daily charge of $0.20 per package per day (including weekends) will begin. Any packages not paid after 120 days will be removed from the warehouse.

  • No, we do not provide refrigeration.

    Examples of some common items that need refrigeration are (but not limited too): perishable items (such as fruit, chocolate, and other), certain medications, dry ice, are all a few examples.

    Our knowledge customer service team will be available to answer any questions for your convenience.

  • Yes. In order to abide by the compliancy with U.S. export regulations, we must open and review all gift-wrapped items. We will attempt to keep the items in their originally gift-wrapped condition to the best of our ability.

  • Any food requiring refrigeration, freezing, or if prohibited to export under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot be shipped. In addition, these foods may also not be accepted in your local customs. We advise you to check with your local customs regarding this concern.

  • Examples of some common prohibited items that cannot be shipped are (but not limited too):

    • Animals (such as but not limited too): ashes, parts, and/or remains. Live animals such as (but not limited too): amphibians, fish, insects, larvae, mammals, pupa, and/or reptiles.
    • Any illegal commodities and goods (such as but not limited too): alcohol, counterfeit goods, ivory, narcotics, and/or pornography or pornographic items (some of these example are country specific)
    • Batteries: unattached or loose lithium metal batteries. You may refer to IATA PI968 section II for the latest compliance and guidance.
    • Bullions (such as but not limited too): gold and/or silver.
    • Firearms (such as but not limited too): complete firearms, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices, and/or knives.
    • Human parts (such as but not limited too): ashes, and/or remains.
    • Money (such as but not limited too): cash, bank notes, currency notes, and/or coins
    • Perfumes, nail polishes, and any flammable liquids.
    • Precious Stones (such as but not limited too): unattached or loose precious stone such as (but not limited too): cut or uncut, polished or unpolished, and/or semi-precious


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